3 Breakup Tips – Discover 3 Magical Ways to Deal With Breakup and Get Back Together!

Are you looking for some breakup tips? Is your ex causing you emotional pain? Well, I understand where you are coming from and I have some suggestions to help you deal with the breakup and also a way to get back together.

Emotional pain is very hard to deal with. When you loose your ex it feels like nothing can repair the pain. You have to be brave when you are in this state. Although it seems that nothing can help you, that is wrong! You just need some break up survival tips to keep focused on what is best for you.

1 – Get Away and See Your Family or Friends

Your family and friends will always be there for you. Even if you feel that you have neglected them since you met your ex, the chances are they still love you. At this time of emotional need, you have to spend time with them to take your mind off things.

If you have friends or family that are far away, even better! This means a change of environment to help you get over the breakup.

2 – Ignore Their Calls

This is one of the hardest pieces of advice for people that have broken up. However it is important part of letting go of the break up. The quicker you let go, is the easier it is to implement the next steps of your plan. So for this reason, I urge you to ignore any phone calls from your ex.

There is actually an extra advantage in doing this, apart from letting go of the break up. This will make your ex eager to speak to you. The more evasive you are, is the more interested your ex will become in you. In time the tables will start to turn. Your ex will be chasing you for contact rather than the other way round.

3 – Arrange a date

Now that you have taken time out, preferably in a new location with friends and family, you need to take this plan to the next level. By now your ex is chasing you like crazy. All you need to do is finally answer one of their calls.

They will be really shocked and you will be in control of the conversation. Simply be calm, explain that you are not sure if you want to see them, then reluctantly agree to a date. Reluctantly is the key to these breakup tips, you want to make your ex feel you are doing them a favor. The ball is now in your court and you can begin to get your ex back.

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