If All You Have is a Hammer Almost everything Commences to Seem Like a Nail

We have been seeing the movie Mulholland Travel yesterday and it suddenly hit us like a bolt of lightening. How numerous situations we misdiagnose a predicament. How many situations we carry on a route not understanding that our assumption have taken us miles off training course.

It truly is like taking part in golfing and only realizing how to use a few clubs and getting to use them in each and every scenario.

It truly is like wanting via a digital camera zoom lens in its place of a broad angle.

It is really like blindly adhering to another’s belief.

The reality is that most of our lives are expended reusing the information gathered in our formative a long time. Therefore, when something new enters our arena we instantly go to the previous to check out to make perception of it.

The result is: we every are living an illusion. We every single see our globe via some actually intensely tinted spectacles. We every act as while we are a hammer and every thing that comes in front of us is a nail.

The trouble is. IT Will not Do the job.

We were astonished how easily we fell into the trap. How simply we interpreted what was occurring right before our eyes and produced it rational. How easily we searched for closure.

To make us comfortable we desired to place issues into a comfortable classification. We preferred to put happenings in a box in the exact way a librarian codes guides for uncomplicated entry. Ah! That goes in the family box. That is rude conduct. That is unacceptable in public. That demonstrates he is uneducated etcetera and so forth and so on…

Yes, you could argue that this sort of coding is important in lifetime simply because it helps us get via lifestyle swiftly.
Why do we like to place ourselves and other folks into ‘psychological boxes’? What is it about us that we like to say we are this variety of man or woman or that? Why do we want to restrict ourselves? Why do we want to promote ourselves brief?

It’s like remaining a carpenter who only has a hammer in his toolbox. We are proscribing ourselves further than perception. Just envision how proscribing it would be if you only had a hammer in your toolbox? How can you get passionate about something if all you are able of is knocking the brains out of any info that comes your way?

How do you locate out what you had been introduced onto this planet to do if all you can do is respond in the exact way to whatsoever is set in front of you.

How do you create and increase your youngsters if all they see is the very same conduct irrespective of the problem posed.

How do you increase to the issues of our society if all you do is implement the similar reasoning even nevertheless it will not match?

As Howard Schatz. The well-known New York dance photographer stated in 1 of his textbooks:

“I advised each individual dancer that when it was simple, it experienced probably been done
right before, probably lots of periods. I described that only when it was so difficult
that it was approximately not possible had been we most likely near to having anything
special and incredible.”

Is this why we like to categorise cases and folks? We basically never like tricky do the job.

Is it that we don’t like the stress of currently being our accurate selves? Because to do that we have to stand out?

Is it that we are not able to cope with being unique and incredible, so we just want to be related and everyday?

Is it that we are afraid of who we may well be? Are we frightened that we can be prosperous? Fearful that if we admit to ourselves that we have talent we may have to do some thing with our lives?

Is it that we you should not definitely want to discover out who we definitely are and what we are capable of?

We will not know about you but we want to be special, we want to find out and use our uniqueness. We want to be fulfilled. We want to come across our power resource that is introduced when we are executing what we are meant to do. We want to be in the flow, as some writers explain it.

We have arrive to realise that what stops us from becoming in the circulation all the time. What stops us from releasing our passion. What stops us from behaving in a natural way. What will make us squander electricity.


Panic retains us placing people today and cases into classes.

Dread stops us from leading ourselves.

Concern stops us from letting go of the earlier.

Dread retains our recurring patterns in place.

Remaining frightened and emotion second greatest prevent us from getting our genuine selves.

Fear buries the purely natural me.

“A musician will have to make tunes, and artists ought to paint,
a poet should write, if he is to be eventually at peace with himself.
What a man can be, he must be”

What about you?

Superior Luck

Graham and Julie


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