Productive Job Numbering And Expense Code Programs


Several firms have a sequential position numbering procedure, but have you viewed as the chance of altering the numbering sequence so you can pull experiences for a particular variety of task or assignments by 12 months and the informational reviews that could be produced?

And, are your cost codes sufficient to include the details you need to have to see in your experiences? Do you lump all site connected vacation and subsistence into a person code, or do you have the specifics of inns vs. housing and foods vs. subsistence?

Not all application packages are subtle plenty of to enable for custom-made position variety numbering sequences nonetheless, even the basic task value computer software systems can be adapted to allow for for an superior numbering technique.

Unique Work Numbering Sequences

Sophisticated reporting strategies can yield a wealth of details. How positions are numbered can simplicity the reporting stress so tasks of a particular type and/or 12 months can be easily pulled from the software. Samples of numbering sequences could be primarily based on the pursuing standards:

· Yr job was awarded

· Public vs. personal functions

· Industrial vs. residential

· Construction vs. assistance

· Division(s) of the Company

If your software program lets, you may start the career amount with the year awarded, adopted by the position type and then a sequential quantity. Administration could request a report for gross revenue on all the commercial tenant improvement tasks in 2013. If you have a numbering sequence, this would be an simple report to pull, somewhat than go by all your 2013 assignments and manually incorporate the quantities to attain the outcomes.

The position price tag learn file is yet another good source of facts if all fields are done and there is a typical utilization of customized fields that can be utilised to pull experiences.

Expense Codes – Way too few or Far too Quite a few?

Generally we see cost code lists that spill onto several pages. Most career value software courses allow for for use of 1 price code for many classes (Labor, Components, Immediate Work Expense, and many others.).

A very good source to use for setting up a expense code listing is the bid recap and detail sheets utilized when bidding assignments. This will produce the various stages of labor, sorts of supplies to install related with that labor, the various types of products to be rented, types of subcontractors and the aspects of direct job fees to be incurred.

These activities can be “numbered” to set up a listing of price tag codes. If the software program will allow for use of a single code throughout various groups, give assumed to not duplicating descriptions, but arranging codes jointly by “form” of function currently being executed, rented products, direct job fees, get the job done usually subcontracted out, etcetera.

Retaining your value codes dependable will then allow for even a lot more subtle reporting – administration can now question for all commercial tenant enhancement tasks in 2013 and the complete charge of crane rentals for the calendar year on those precise tasks.

Why Go As a result of These Methods?

Background is a good supply of details when predicting the foreseeable future. Cost details can be analyzed for specific forms of work when planning to bid a similar challenge. Historic information and facts can be analyzed for margins on specified types of projects or a division of the company to make decisions on no matter whether or not a specified sort of get the job done is profitable.

If fields are obtainable in the work value master file, studies can be pulled not only by style and 12 months but by undertaking manager as very well to glimpse at general performance and estimate vs. genuine outcomes.


When creating any numbering process, regularity is significant in buy to maximize the reporting outcomes. Management really should ascertain the facts they desire to see and build work numbers and value codes that will permit for sophisticated reporting not only to on their own but give handy details to estimating, project professionals and accounting as very well.

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