Self-Love Is The New Frontier, Part 2


The consciousness Paul helped create began to expand and quickly became such a threat to the authorities that eventually, in 313 AD, the Roman emperor Constantine came to the conclusion he would gain politically if he was to legalize Christian worship. Once he had done this, in 325 AD he oversaw the Council of Nicea in order to decide what information would be allowed in the Bible. Paul’s words were included only because they encouraged loyalty to authority and were an example of someone who lived a life of sacrifice and dedication even as he suffered, something Constantine wanted others to emulate because it would allow him to maintain political control over the faithful. He wanted people suffering, not satisfied and content. It was a brilliant scheme that worked because the masses continued to allow themselves to be told what to do and how to live.

At this point in time we were still willing to accept victimhood to the mind, as represented by authority, allowing it to maintain its dictatorship over our heart, which is why we soon entered into what has been called the “dark age” because of the amount of suppression of the human spirit through bloodshed that took place in the name of religion. The heart of humanity was crying out and again we all collectively agreed to do whatever we needed to do to allow energy to begin bringing forth into our reality opportunity for us to expand and evolve. The invention of the printing press in 1440 was one of the first major events that allowed for a shift in our consciousness to occur because for the first time it gave the populous access to what was actually written in the Bible.

This was quickly followed by the Protestant Reformation, which began in 1517 when Martin Luther presented his “95 Theses” to a church in Wittenberg, Germany. This was followed by the Industrial Revolution and later, the American Revolution, which saw the beginning of a democratic form of government.

While all this was taking place, both Roman Catholics and Protestants were conducting which hunts throughout Europe in an attempt to eliminate sorcery, which was considered to be from the devil. The expansion of the consciousness was allowing for people to open up to the spiritual dimensions but anyone who had such a gift was burned at the stake because their awareness was a major threat to religious authorities who still needed to maintain control of the masses at all costs. However, it was only a matter of time before the consciousness would no longer allow this practice to continue.

Something else that had occurred much earlier was that the church and state had become bed partners and, despite the intentions of America to separate the two, once a brand of democracy caught on in England, both countries continued to use their authority to suppress others through missionary zeal in the name of spreading freedom and democracy. Indigenous cultures became the victims, and we know all too well about the use of slavery as well.

Everything I’ve discussed so far in terms of history has been my way of taking us through the evolution of our consciousness. As you can see, despite the continual dictatorship of the mind, which used authority to suppress the masses in extremely brutal ways, a gradual awakening of who we really are was occurring. Humanity was gaining freedom to an extent, and the more we gained, the more we longed for an even greater freedom, that of the heart. And yet, while on the one hand our consciousness was demanding freedom, on the other hand this continued to be a major threat to the dictatorship of the mind. This is why we saw the rise of dictators who ruled their countries with an iron hand.

It was this deeper longing that energetically called forth the two major world wars, which was our collective creation as divine beings because we continued to believe we were victims in need of salvation. Such a belief is the root of feeling unworthy and that nothing is ever good enough, which has been the primary driving force behind our desire for an improved lifestyle all along. Remember, the fact that we suppressed our dark side caused us to become fragmented within. World Wars I & II reflected this fragmentation on a global level when the dark and light were literally at war with each other.

Both of these wars wore down the spirit of humanity so it was a huge relief when they were finally over. This relief opened the door for the consciousness to expand to an even greater level of awareness. The Beatles led the way in the creation of the hippie movement, which reflected the collective consciousness because at its core it was tired of authority and just wanted to live freely in the spirit of peace and love. Such a notion didn’t take hold at the time because we still weren’t ready for it, but it did plant a seed that has been germinating over the past 40+ years and is now beginning to sprout.


Which brings me to today. There are a lot of prophecies going around about 2012 and most of them are about doom and gloom. But if you ask the indigenous cultures, they’ll tell you 2012 represents the end of a 26,000-year cycle. Although none of these cultures have a clear idea what lies ahead, they all agree that it has something to do with humanity waking up to a greater awareness of who we are. To me, this means remembering we are divine-and this means learning how to love ourselves. That is why Self-love is the new frontier. It’s time to actually live Jesus’ commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself by falling in love with the divine so that we become an embodiment of unconditional love.

Time magazine named “The Protestor” as its “Person of the Year,” stating, “A year after a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself ablaze, dissent has spread across the Middle East, to Europe and the U.S., reshaping global politics and redefining people power.” This reflects the level of shift in consciousness that is now occurring and the dissent being felt around the globe comes from a demand for authenticity at the soul level. We have become so tired of the status quo that our awareness of who we are has literally caused a shift in the way energy works.

Consequently, by collective agreement today anything that suppresses the human spirit and is unauthentic will no longer be tolerated by the energy. Since the mind is the main dictator that we have been using all along to keep ourselves from being truly authentic (by not allowing ourselves to be expressed in any way that would be considered unacceptable and would thus threaten our need for acceptance and approval), this means the mind’s ability to analyze, figure out solutions, and keep everything under control is no longer going to work in this new energy. Another thing that is not real is our belief in being separate from the divine and thus, this belief is now being questioned as well, and will eventually be shattered in the new energy we have created.

The need for salvation has always been with us since the beginning and has served us in a wonderful way. It was the underlying motivation for looking outside ourselves attempting to remember who we are, but it caused us to believe we are unworthy without it and this belief has influenced everything in our life. It has been the impetus that has motivated us to improve our lot in life. We feel we need to work hard in order to earn our keep, for example.

Even though Apostle Paul preached a different brand of God than his fellow Jews, it was based on the same need to manipulate others. This is because he continued to suppress his dark emotions. He felt unworthy, not good enough, and in need of being saved from this dilemma. Today this drive for something better shows up in our need to set goals and then manipulate others in whatever way will work to achieve those goals. We’re driven by competition. All this comes from deep-seated beliefs in needing salvation.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing. Again, it’s what has caused us to expand our consciousness. Competition involves struggle, through which change has always occurred, which then brings a new level of clarity or awareness. This is the belief we initially created and energy has been working in support of it ever since.

Each time a shift occurred it was because we had collectively reached an unbearable point in our struggle with the status quo so that our desire for something better was off the charts. This is the level of desire that causes energy to begin shaping itself accordingly and as a result circumstances happen that allow for something new. This is the way it’s worked all along and whenever the collective consciousness has expanded to a new level of awareness, all of us have always had access to it. We are all affected and experience the change in our personal lives and in our perception of life around us, which is how and why the vast majority of the world has become civilized. Thus, today life is totally different from the way we perceived it in the beginning.

In the beginning change occurred very slowly because of the density of our consciousness. As time went on, our ability to move to new levels of consciousness became a bit easier, so that it occurred more quickly. The more we expanded, the faster expansion occurred. By the time we reached the 20th century, especially the second half, things were advancing at an unprecedented speed compared to even the beginning of the same century.


By 2007 we had collectively expanded so much in our awareness of who we are that we literally took a quantum leap in our consciousness, which actually created a new energy in which the need for struggle as a means of creation is no longer necessary or needed. At our core we’ve known all along that all the competing and manipulating wasn’t necessary, and we at long last became so aware of this that we literally reached the unbearable point, causing energy to take the quantum shift.

This doesn’t mean that the old energy way of creation doesn’t work. You can see people everywhere involved in competition and benefiting from it. However, when you become aware that it’s not necessary, and we all have access to such an awareness within the collective consciousness, you suddenly begin losing interest, similar to when we lost interest in continuing to use Cassette tapes when CD’s were introduced. And yet, because the old energy patterns are so engrained within us from our entire historical evolution, our tendency is to cling on to them. This is causing a great deal of stress because even though most are not aware of the existence of the new energy, it can be felt because it exists within the collective consciousness. This new energy is causing us to feel deep down that we’re not somehow being true to ourselves, and this threatens our integrity-but most don’t really see this and without understanding, life can really get hectic.

In the new energy, all the drive to achieve a purpose and goal, striving for a better life, competing to get more, is not as fulfilling as it used to be because it ultimately does not allow us to feel true joy and love of self. Yes, it feels good to accomplish a goal, but no matter how much we achieve and accomplish, deep down it’s never good enough because this entire way of doing things is not based in the now.

Even for those who have managed to earn a six, or even seven figure income, and have found a way to have a lot of time for themselves to do whatever they want, there’s a nagging feeling inside that wants more and it keeps driving them to work harder. We are driven to improve our future by getting away from our past, but this has kept us from experiencing the now moment, which is where the “life eternal” that Jesus promised is found. Instead, something in us always wants more, and this is why we’ve never been able to create peace on the planet. Even when we did have it to a large extent, like at the end of World War II, it didn’t last because we were still chasing after future goals. Besides, there have been plenty of dictators all along, and for peace to truly come on a global level, these rulers will all need to be replaced by leaders who allow freedom for their people.

The Consciousness we are in today is calling us all to become authentic, and this means literally letting go of who we thought we were-someone who needs to prove our worthiness, ultimately to God, but this gets translated into needing to prove to the world that we’re good, worthy, acceptable. This is why we do what we do, but it’s all based on an illusion. The more people become aware of these illusions, the more they will collapse.

When you see them for what they are-illusions, that’s when you know it’s time to let the old go, but what does this mean? It means getting to know the real divine you. This requires trust, but not in an outside God, but in yourself. Developing trust in yourself creates a safe space inside that no one can ever take away from you. You can always go within to this place when things become challenging. The more trust you have in yourself, the easier it becomes to be at ease even if everything around you appears to be falling apart. This safe space was always there inside us, we were just unaware of it, so we had no idea we could cultivate a relationship with it.

The more trust you have in yourself, the more love you feel for yourself. Your safe space within becomes your source for comfort, security, and that warm feeling of knowing you’re understood and accepted, just the way you are. When you feel this within, you no longer need to go outside to find it. That’s when the manipulating and feeding on other’s energy stops. You begin doing things out of passion, which comes from your soul, rather than being driven by the pursuit of a purpose. You are no longer concerned about the outcome because you trust that whatever it is, it’s going to be perfect and in divine order because after all, as a divine being, why would you not take care of yourself?

And so it is that Self-love is the new frontier. Absolute trust means knowing we are all part of a grand design of our soul. Fear, worry and doubt, by-products of putting trust in the mind, cause resistance, which impedes energy, slowing it down in its ability to support what we are consciously choosing to create. With absolute trust, these things fall away, and that frees up the energy so it can flow within your life without any restrictions. This is when you discover what a magician you really are, how you are actually the creator of your entire world. To arrive at such a level of consciousness you have to be willing to let go of being in control, and of all your agendas. The soul knows what we want and need. Our job in the new energy is to choose what we want but to then get out of the way of the soul, allowing things to manifest in their own time and place. Meanwhile, the joy of the now moment is enough to sustain us in every way with no need to look outside for any form of energetic support.

The greatest challenge that lies before us as we enter 2012 is to begin letting go of who we thought we were. Every single thing we’ve ever defined about ourselves, as well as our world, is now beginning to change. To truly shift our consciousness into living in the now moment as divine beings, we will need to go beyond all definitions because the divine cannot be defined. The mind doesn’t understand this, and that is why we are now experiencing a tremendous resistance from the mind within ourselves and this resistance is being reflected in the activities of our outer world.

Our entire evolutionary experience has been by grand design of our soul. Until now we’ve been experiencing life from the vantage point of the mind but we are now on the verge of an entirely new paradigm of existence. Peace on earth can only come when we accept that we are God also-not just human. We are indeed both, and the divine within us, after all these centuries of experiencing the expansion of our consciousness from a distance (since we were keeping it at an arm’s length), now wants to meld directly with us so it can experience what life is like through us. This means become fully conscious of who we really are, which requires letting go of needing to control life. Self-love means we become fully present of the Self within the now moment-our real Self. Thus, Self-love is the new frontier and we are about to learn a greater love and compassion than we’ve ever known before. Are you up to the challenge?

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